Arsenal new signings could play against West Ham

Arsenal new signings could play against West Ham

Arsenal have strengthened their squad significantly, and the team is now in a good shape. The players who joined the Gunners have already shown their potential, and now it is their opponents who will decide the fate of the season.
The team of Arsene Wenger has already become a real contender for the champion title, and they have already managed to win the FA Cup. However, the Gunner’s rivals have a lot of problems, too.
First of all, the team needs to find a good goalkeeper. The Gunners are very strong in this regard, and it is now the team’ goalkeeper who decides the fate not only of the match, but also of the entire season. The team has already managed this, and this is why the Gunnery is considered to be one of the most stable teams in the Premier League.
However, the main rival of the Gunsters is West Ham, and their main problem is the lack of motivation. The Hammers have not been in the best shape for a long time, and so they are not used to playing with such a strong team.

The Gunners’ rivals will have to do their best to take advantage of their situation and win the championship. The main goal of the team will be to win a place in the Champions League zone, and then they will be able to fight for the main trophy.
West Ham’sto win the title
The main problem of the Hammers is the fact that they are still not used properly to the level of the Premier league. The club has not been at the top for a very long time and has not yet developed a good teamwork.
This is why they are considered to have a number of problems. The most important of them is the goalkeeper, which is the main problem for the Gunster.
In the current season, the Hamleys’ main goalkeeper, Rob Green, has not shown the desired level of performance. The player was not able to make a good save at the right time, which led to a lot.
Another problem of West Ham is the instability of the lineup. The new players are not able yet to show their full potential, which leads to the fact, that the team does not look as good as it did in the previous season. This is why it is not very likely that the Hamley’ club will be a contender for a place at the Champions league.
It is also worth noting that the Gunney team is not the only one that is not used well to the Premier leagues. The other teams also have problems with teamwork. For example, the following teams are not very successful in the English Premier league:
* Arsenal;
* Chelsea;

* Manchester United;

However the main competitors of the West Ham are not the best teams in England, but rather the teams that are in a better shape. For this reason, the fans of the English championship can expect a lot from the team, which will be the main goal for the team in the near future.
Arsenal’sspursuit of the champion’ title
Arsenal has already shown a lot in the current campaign. The previous season, it was the Gunneys’ competitors who were not able not to take full advantage of the situation. However this time, the club has strengthened its lineup significantly.
As a result, the players of the club have become a serious contender for winning the champion trophy. The current season is especially important for the club, because it will be its first time in the FA cup. The Arsenal team is in a very good shape, and already in the first rounds, the rivals of the Arsenal have not managed to take complete advantage of this.
Now, the Arsenal team has a number one goalkeeper, a number two defender, and a number three midfielder. The lineup is now very good, and all the players have a chance to show themselves.
All the Gunnings’ opponents have problems in the defense, and as a result they are unable to make effective use of the ball. However the main competitor of the Emirates is West ham, and if the team succeeds in winning the title, then it will become a true rival of Arsenal.
Main goal of Arsenal for the season
The current season of the championship of England is very important for Arsenal. The fans of this club expect a great result, and in order to achieve this, the squad of the gunners needs to do its best.
One of the main goals of the squad is to win gold medals in the tournament of the Champions. The London club is in the strongest position in the league, and its main competitors are Manchester United and Chelsea.
Despite the fact the Gunning’ team is quite weak in the attack, it is able to impose a serious fight on its rivals. The squad of Arsène Wenger has a good lineup, and even if the main star of the tournament, Cristiano Ronaldo, is not in the lineup, the rest of the players are able to play well.
Thus, the current Arsenal team can become a contender not only for the title of the best team in England. The coach of the London club has already made a number changes, and he is now trying to strengthen the team. This will allow the Gunnel team to fight even for the places in the top 4.

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