Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao live streaming free, team news and more.

Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao live streaming free, team news and more.

The start of the new season of the La Liga has already brought some surprises. The first of them is the fact that the first match of the season between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbaos ended in a draw. The Catalans were the first to score, and after that the match was won by the Basques.
However, the second match of this series turned out to be a real success. The game ended in an incredible victory for the Catalans. It was a real triumph, because the Catalons had already managed to win the first game of the tournament, and they managed to do it in the second one too.

The match was held in the stadium of the Basque city Bilbana, and the Catalonians won it with a score of 4:2. The score was the following:
· Barcelona 1:1;
·2 Athletic Bilbas 0:0;
3 Eibar 1:0.
This was the first victory for Barcelona in the Spanish championship. The previous time they won this match was in the season of 2006/07, when they won with a 2:1 score.
In the last match of La Liga, Barcelona managed to get a 3:2 victory over Valencia. The final score was 5:2 for the Catalan team.
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Barcelona’s Success in the First Match of the Season
In this season of La liga, Barcelona has already managed several victories. The team of Ernesto Valverde has won the first two matches of this season, and it is now quite confident that it will be able to win all the matches in the tournament.
As for the first win, the Catalonian team was led by the performance of Lionel Messi. The Argentine player scored a hat-trick, and this is the third time in the last four matches that he has scored three goals.
Valverde’ s team also managed to score two goals in the first half. The second goal was scored by Gerard Pique. The midfielder was the only one to score a penalty in the match.
Despite the fact, that the Catalonais have not won the trophy for a long time, they are already the favorites of the championship. They are the main favorites of all the tournaments, and their success in the new tournament is quite obvious.
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Barcelona’ Results in the Second Match
In their second match, the Catalan club managed to achieve a victory. The match ended with a victory for them, too. The result of the match is the following.
·1:1 for the Basqueteers;
2 Athletic 1:2;
1 Valencia 0:1.
It is worth noting that the score was 1:3 for the team of the Cataluña.
After the first goal, the game turned into a real struggle, and in the end the Catalones managed to break the Valencia. This was the second victory of the team in the current season. The last victory of Valencia was in 2016.
At the end of the first part of the current campaign, the team has already won the Copa del Rey. The victory was achieved with a 4:1 victory for Barca. The Catalan team was the main favorite of the competition, and managed to triumph in the final match. The main goal of the club was to win La Liga.
Messi’ Goals in the Final Match
The final match of Barcelona”s season was quite successful for the club. The club managed not only to win a trophy, but also to get the first place in the La ligue 1. The latter is a new championship, and there are still many matches ahead.
Messi scored the first hat-tricks of the campaign, and now the Argentine player is the leader of the Barcelona team. The player of the Argentine national team scored a goal in each of the previous matches. He scored three times in the matches against Espanyol, Getafe and Mallorca.
One of the most interesting moments of the final game of LaLiga was the goal of Gerard Piquet. The Frenchman scored a penalty, which was converted by Messi.
Another goal of Messi was scored in the home match of Barca against Espana. The Spanish team was defeated with a 1:4 score. The following players scored goals:
1. Sergio Busquets;
2. Sergio Ramos;
3. David Villa;
4. Pedro;
5. Lionel Messi;
6. Gerard Piche.
Thus, Messi scored a total of five goals in his last matches. The Barcelona player is now the leader in the team. He is the main contender for the Golden Ball, and he is also the main candidate for the Ballon d’Or.

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