Transfer News : Chelsea are ready to make a new bid for Goretzka

Transfer News : Chelsea are ready to make a new bid for Goretzka

The Blues have been trying to sign the player for a long time, but they failed to get the deal done. However, they are ready for another attempt.
The player is a very important player for the team, because he can play in a number of positions.

The club has been trying for a number years to sign him, but the player refused to sign a new contract with the club.
However, the club has an opportunity to make another attempt to get him. The player has already left the team and he will not return.
It is worth noting that the player is not a free agent, so the club will be able to buy him back.
Chelsea have already made a number off attempts to get Goretzan, but it has not been possible. The club has to buy a new player for next season, because the team needs to strengthen the position of the main striker.
Thus, the Blues are ready this summer to make an additional attempt to sign Goretzn.
Chelsea Transfer News: Who Will Be the New Main Striker?
The team has been in a crisis for a few years, so it is necessary to make some changes. The main striker is not the same player who was the main player of the team for a couple of years.
In the last season, Eden Hazard was the player who scored the most goals. However the club does not have a good goalkeeper.
Moreover, the team does not play well in the Europa League.
Therefore, the main goal of the club is to win the Champions League. The team needs a new striker who can score goals and also provide good defense.
This season, the player will not be able not to score goals, but he will be a good defender.
If the club wants to win trophies, it needs to buy new players for the next season.
New Chelsea Prospects for Next Season
The main goal for the club for the upcoming season is to get into the Champions league. The players have to play in the top league for a year, so they need to be ready for the most difficult tournament.
Also, the players have a chance to win a place in the Champions club tournament. This is a tournament for the best teams in Europe.
At the moment, the Chelsea players are in a bad shape. The previous season, they were in the group of the Champions, but lost against Manchester City.
Now, the situation is not so bad, but there is still a long way to go. The Blues have a number problems, too.
First of all, the goalkeeper is not an excellent player. The goalkeeper of the previous season was the goalkeeper of Manchester City, but now it is not possible to find a good replacement.
Another problem is the lack of motivation. The fans are demanding a lot from the team.
For the team to get a good result, it is important to play well. The coach has to give the players the necessary time to find their motivation.
Will Chelsea Get a New Main striker?
Now the club needs to find the main star of the new season. The new season will be very important for the Blues, because they need a good start.
They need to get results quickly and the players need to show their skills.
Many people have already said that the club should buy a good striker, because it has been a long season and the team has not managed to win any trophies.
There are a lot of players who are ready and can play. The problem is that the team is not in a good shape, so there is a risk that the players will not show their best game.
But the club still has a chance, because there is an opportunity for the new transfer. The Chelsea players have been in the transfer market for a very long time.
After the previous transfer, the fans were satisfied, but this time they are not going to be so lucky.
A new striker is needed, because now the team plays better and has a better result.
So, the new striker will be important for Chelsea. The first thing that the new player will do is to score a goal.
He will be the main scorer of the game, because Eden Hazard is not able to do this.
Eden Hazard is a good player, but his game is not very good. He is not good at scoring goals.
That is why the club needed a new star.
Manchester City is a candidate for the striker. The striker is a player who can help the team in the defensive part of the field.
One of the reasons for the failure of the Blues last season was that the coach did not give the team a good chance to score.
Of course, the coach will not give a chance for the victory, but if the team scores a lot, then the fans will be satisfied.
All Chelsea Prospectives for Next Year
Now it is very important to get good results. The next season will also be important, because if the club fails to get to the Champions Cup, it will not have the right to enter the Europa league.
As for the future, the management has to make the necessary changes. It is necessary for the management to make transfers to strengthen positions. The management has a good opportunity to buy players who can be good for the long term.

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